5th October | Leith Labs Fun Palace explores... Maths Week Scotland


Welcome to the world’s first community project to merge Science, Art & Tradition in a shopping centre.


Ask a science question and look for already answered questions.

All our events & talks occur at Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre in Leith (Scotland)

Some of our best science activities for you to try at your own place!

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Do you have a question? We’re sure you do. From why bananas are bent to the deep mysteries of space, the world poses questions that we might not be able to ask. However, asking is the first step and in Leith Labs we will do whatever possible to find an expert to answer your doubts; so, click below and type that question… we could even develop a related event in the future!


Physics, psychology, biology, language, astronomy… We collaborate with leading experts and researchers in all these areas to provide live explanations to the doubts of the Leither community. Ocean Terminal is the place where Leith Labs does its magic, flavouring every month with quality drop-in hands-on events.

with lifelong experience

As a Science Ceilidh-associated project, we believe that art and tradition are key to connect with the public and empower their communities. To improve our future we must protect and remember our past, that’s why we collaborate with THELMA (The Living Memory Association) to provide interesting talks with even more interesting people.


As our name points out, the town and community of Leith (Scotland) is at the core of our work.

Having served as the port of Edinburgh for hundreds of years, Leith boasts its own distinct character, being a hub of lively creativity and cultural diversity. Leith Labs wants to add science to this cultural pool and provide Leithers with tools to empower themselves; we believe that every community and every individual must have the right to use the power of science and research to understand their world.


--- Photo by Fulla T on Foter.com / CC BY-NC