Chemistmas Decorations

Chemistmas Decorations

This fun an easy activity for Christmas is a nice way to get children understand the role of some of the hormones that influence our behaviour on these dates. We focus on serotonine (happiness), dopamine (excitement) and oxitocine (love).


  • Our printed handout

  • Anything to colour an decorate your ornaments

  • Thread and needle or pin.

How to prepare?

  1. Print the provided handout in thick paper if possibble.

  2. Write down something that makes you produce each hormone:

    • Dopamine (Excitement)

    • Oxitocine (love)

    • Serotonine (happiness)

  3. Colour and decorate the different pictures

  4. Carefully cut (or ask an adult to help you cut) the different drawings and stick each pair of decorations to each other.

  5. Ask an adult to use a needle or a pin to make a hole on the designated area of your decoration.

  6. Pass the piece of thread through the hole and knot it so that you have a way of hanging your decoration from your tree.

Risks & Important Stuff

The only risk of this activity are possible cuts with the paper or scissors and to stich yourself with the needles. Be careful when using these tools and ask an adult if you need help.