If you want to collaborate with Leith Labs, it is likely that you fit in one of these three profiles. If you already know who you are, check more info scrolling down, clicking on the corresponding pictures or in the following buttons.


1. Researchers

Register your profile and become part of our contact list. You’ll be able to answer questions made by the Leither community and much more, contributing to increase their science capital!

We’ll contact you from time to time, to highlight questions you might know how to answer or offer you further possibilities of participation.


+ SciComm Training

For Researchers and Science Communicators

Are you new in the world of Science Communication and Public Engagement with Science? Do you want to gain some experience or refresh your mind with new concepts in this exciting new world? Doesn’t matter if you’re a researcher or a full-time communicator, Leith Labs can provide you with some support. Isn’t that great?


2. Volunteers

Get some valuable experience volunteering at Leith Labs! We’re always looking for people to help out wuith the delivery and evaluation of our activities!

If you want to try and learn what is like to engage with different audiences, to experience the joy of teaching something new to someone or to gain important skills in public speech or evaluation, click the button below.


3. Community collaborators

Are you a society or organisation working with the Leith Community? Do you want to organise a Leith Labs event or create a partnership? We’re looking forward to it.

Contact us or register as a Community Collaborator and let’s start working!


Make science shine on Leith! 

Do you want people to better know what you do? An opportunity to engage with a vibrant community?


We need researchers and experts who are eager to share what they do and what they know. From actively participating in our events or talks to answering some of the questions that Leithers sent to us from the commodity of your home.

What will I do?

  1. Help us answer questions

    Questions are the core of our work. During our events and through our website, we allow people from Leith and other communities to share with us their deepest doubts; this can be anything, from the meaning of life to unicorns.

    Our aim is to get all these questions answered by professionals and researchers of related fields, connecting the scientific community to Leith and inspiring people to change their attitudes towards academia and science.

    This is the easiest way of collaborating with us. Questions can be answered from your computer at home and we will send you reminders from time to time or when we receive questions that we think you could answer regarding your background.


    Usually monthly, but sometimes more often, we organise live events at the Ocean Terminal, in Leith. This events can be drop-in activities, hands-on workshops, small casual talks in the lobby of the shopping centre or more in-depth discussions in partnership with The Living Memory Association, on the First Floor.

    Whatever the format, the theme will always be chosen from the questions we receive from Leithers. These questions guide us on the process of creating new events and talks and, by answering them, we open the scientific community to everyone who wants to connect with it.

    If you register as a collaborator, we will share with you the theme of our following events. You are very welcome to contact us and participate with us by delivering a related activity, giving a talk or supporting with the development of new activities.

    All of this is optional; but it is also a good way of stepping up your engagement with the community and get some hands-on practice in science communication.

    You can see evidence of our impact in the community in our Figures & Reports





GET EXPERIENCE as a science communicATOR

If you want to gain some experience or refresh your mind with new concepts in the exciting world of Science Communication our Science Communication Training Programme might be good for you.

If you want to learn more about this and register for it, please, contact us through the contact from below. And come back soon to check the bespoke page!