In Leith Labs you decide the themes of our events and talks through the questions you ask! Here you can find all the Events & Talks that we have prepared for the following weeks, our usual location and even our past events if you want.


ALL our events happen at

Ocean terminal Logo.png

Ocean Drive | Leith - Edinburgh | EH6 6JJ

Drop-In Events - Ground Floor

Talks - The Living Memory Association (First Floor)

(!) Please, beware these locations are only the usual locations. Please, check each event to identify the definite location and the time it will run.

Our locations inside Ocean Terminal

Most of our hands-on activities will take place along the Ground Floor, along 3 spaces:

  1. The Rotunda | our most common location. It is on the Norther side of the Shopping Centre.

  2. The Central Entrance | behind Ocean Terminal’s Information Point

  3. The Boardwalk | an incredible space for indoors skating, close to the entrance from the Parking.

For our talks or more chilled and longer activities we usually use the space of the The Little Shop of Memory, provided by our friends of The Living Memory Association. This space is on the First Floor, just over The Rotunda.

Leith Labs | Past Events

Please, click on the events and check to be sure about its location and time. If you still have any doubts or ideas related to our events, we’d love to hear from you!