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Leith Labs explores... the Physics of Harry Potter!!

  • Ocean Terminal Ocean Dr Edinburgh - EH6 6JJ Scotland (map)

Leith Labs together with the School of Physics and Astronomy and Dr JC Denis, will be delivering free hands-on activities related to the physics behind Harry Potter, focusing on fluids and slime, on the Ground Floor (The Rotunda) of Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre from 12pm to 4 pm.

The Physics of Harry Potter | Wingardium leviosa

Sorting hats, ectoplasm, flying brooms and cars… Certainly, the magic of Harry Potter defies science in many different moments. However, in Leith Labs we think that even we, muggles, can understand a bit of the science behind their spells and potions.

This weekend we will focus on fluids and slime, seeing why they behave as they do and why they are so interesting for Physics. You don’t need to receive any letter to attend, so come along!!