leith labs

The Project

Introducing the world's first long-term Curated Science and Art-in-Residence Programme in a shopping centre

Leith Labs is born in 2016 as a way of engaging with the community of Leith, in the north of Edinburgh. The project is part of Science Ceilidh, an initiative started by Lewis Hou in 2014 to use the traditional Scottish cèilidh as a didactic tool to explain the science behind neuroscience.

As part of this philosophy, Leith Labs aims to work with the community of Leith, learning from their identity and culture, while building bridges between the village and the Scottish community of researchers and scientists.

We get inspiration from Leithers’ questions to develop events and talks. These activities range from free science and art activities, informal discussions with local scientists and creatives, a Lab Units for hands-on experiments and roaming Scientists Busking with science tricks and art performances once a month.

These events act as a gathering point between the Leith and the scientific community. A space to change attitudes and inspire individuals with any background.


Since July 2016, we have received over 400 questions and ran or hosted over 28 events; engaging with over 9000 shoppers in Leith. Check our in-depth reports here.

The future of Leith Labs will stay in Leith. In the near future, we plan to implement a Community Ambassadors Programme which will partner Leithers with reseachers in order to solve some of the questions in our pool. Our aim is for them to work together, seeking an answer and to provide them with training in science communication and support to build activities and share their discovering back with the community.

Together we can make science to shine on Leith!


How do we work?

Leith Labs works from Leithers’ questions, creating activities and events from them. Check out the infographics below to see how we work and how you can participate!